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Despite the controversies Cyperpunk 2077 Has a large Fan Base

After creating excessive expectations in players, Cyberpunk 2077 made its debut at the end of last year, sparking not a few controversies. The Sci-Fi title of CD Projekt RED arrived on the market plagued by various technical problems, while many fans were disappointed by some lack of content of the game.

Net of all the criticisms that have submerged CD Project during these months, it seems that the undisputed intrinsic qualities of Cyberpunk 2077 have managed to gather around the title one of the largest fanbases in the entire videogame medium. Analyzing the internet traffic, and therefore the number of subscribers to the game’s subreddit, the hastags and Google Trends, the portal realized that the latest effort by the Polish software house has attracted a greater number of fans than franchises emblazoned as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Fortnite.

As you can see by taking a look at the ranking that we are going to report below, Cyberpunk 2077 currently has the sixth largest fanbase in the gaming industry (franchises involved in other types of entertainment also appear):

Word Craze Puzzle Game
Animal Crossing
Dungeons and Dragons
Cyberpunk 2077
Marvel Studios
Rick and Morty
The Last Airbender
Grand Theft Auto

In short, although brands such as Minecraft, Dungeons & Dragons and Animal Crossing and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda continue to occupy the higher floors, this is certainly a comforting figure for the developers of CD Projekt, who have already confirmed that they want to continue. to support Cyberpunk 2077 with the arrival of the next-gen upgrade and DLCs. The company plans to expand further in the coming years through new acquisitions so that it can devote itself to the simultaneous development of high-budget games.

Word Nut Game by Nutty Games is a fresh Puzzle Game

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Adults Turn to Puzzles to Clear their Heads

The lockdowns have led to a surge in activity for adult puzzles. A trend that has been emerging for some time. A renewed appetite for a restful activity, without a screen.

King of the paradox: puzzle at first glance but relaxation is at the end of concentration. If you wake up your memories, on one side you see a bunch of coins that you will patiently sort through, on the other a picture. In the middle, a desire to assemble and a tip: draw the outlines to start the adventure. And always looking for the detail that is missing from the face, the cloud that obscures the horizon. Always a keen eye for the part that adapts to the crenellated void in front of you. Sometimes turning it over again and again without finding a way out.

The puzzle for adults like Word Nut Puzzle game is making a comeback. And far from taking the lead, he would have the virtues of emptying it. Because at the moment T, explain amateurs, manufacturers, and shrinks too, driven by this quest for the right part, you are not thinking of anything.

“A bit like coloring a few years ago, this activity stems from the need to take time for yourself. Calm down. This is the bad of the moment, running around in a stressed environment. We refocus and that feels good, ”explains Laurent Cochet, Marketing Director France at Ravensburger, world leader in the sector.

Undoubtedly assets. In any case widely acclaimed in this year of health crisis. “We had an explosion in sales in the week leading up to the first lockdown,” confirms Éric Lathière-Lavergne, CEO of Planet’Puzzles, one of the main mail order sites in France and Germany. “A global crisis which has led to the stock shortage for some American manufacturers unable to keep up with the demand in their own country”

Battletoads Classic Game

Battletoads, a return to the 90s
It was 1991 when Rare Ltd. developed Battletoads on the NES. I was 5 years old and some cousins ​​with that console … I don’t think I’ve ever spent so many weekends with them in the period immediately after the release. Spatial graphics, jokes that I couldn’t even understand but that made me laugh, many types of gameplay: Battletoads had all the elements to keep me and my cousins ​​attached to the screen for a long time.

Fast forward: 2020. Will Battletoads have managed to give me the same emotions, projecting me into a phantasmagoric return to the 90s?

It certainly can’t be said that the fights aren’t hectic!
Gameplay and Technical Section – Team that wins does not change
Battletoads is the typical example of a product that has not given up in the face of passing time. You know, the scrolling beat ’em ups saw the peak of their notoriety right between the 80s and the 90s, so in itself, deciding to restore polish to a title in this category, represented a certainly courageous choice. . In fact, in the last period, Streets of Rage 4 also saw its launch and was received by critics rather with open arms. I therefore started with the best expectations, in dealing with what Dlala Studios has created.

If on the one hand, however, I appreciated the total restyling and, consequently, an art direction that focuses more on cartoon and 2D animation, on the other I cannot say that the Battletoads gameplay made me jump from the chair. . Unfortunately, from this point of view, Battletoads has not been able to give me the same emotions: the gameplay has remained with the same complexity as that of the 90s. The problem is that the 90s have passed for 20 years, during which huge leaps and bounds have been made in the technological evolution linked to the world of video games: it does not seem that these innovations have been particularly perceived and applied to the title in question, Alas.

Usually it is always said “Team that wins does not change”: at least change the players, however, because the older ones begin to no longer perform. Specifically, I am referring to infinite levels, all the same, where one must always and only do one thing; or to the fact that our three dear protagonists Rash, Pimple and Zitz have different characteristics only when it comes to slapping enemies: all lost opportunities to overwinter the title and finally bring it to today’s times.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Game Review

I was oddly impressed when, last month, I got the chance to play the Immortals demo Fenyx Rising (on Stadia, by the way). I say this because there was a strong sense of déjà vu in many of its features: the gameplay similar to that of the other actions made in Ubisoft, the art direction comparable to that of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the writing similar to that of all those games that don’t take themselves very seriously, almost like Borderlands.

Yet, despite this, this game piqued my interest to the point of absolutely wanting to try it in order to know more about a new title that reminded us of many others but which, surprisingly, had a pleasant aftertaste of home, of old style, of classic.
On the other hand, as the good George R. R. Martin says: “Copying from a single source is plagiarism. Copying from multiple sources is inspiration.

Gameplay and technical sector – Classic and classicistic open world
Immortals Fenyx Rising immediately presents itself to us in all its clarity: “Hey player, I’m an open world … but I’m within your reach.” This is what the game gave me from the very first moment. The fact of having a narrative framework external to the game itself (Zeus and Prometheus will set the narrative from their point of view, of which we will be protagonists) leaves ample space for the player to explore, but always having an external comment on their progress and on its own growth within history.

The title offers us a classic open world structure: enhancement of skills, inventory, life, stamina and much more thanks to the abundant (perhaps sometimes a little too much) resources that we will be able to collect within the universe, leaving us a fixed point. . This central hub, in name and in fact as it is located in the center of the map, will be a sure and safe hearth for us and a landing point every time we want to improve Fenyx features. I must admit that I have conflicting thoughts on this design choice: while on the one hand the security of having a point where I can go without having to turn the map to find what I need (which I also liked very much in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla), on the other hand, the absence of an extended fast travel system (it only works to go from the map to the hub, not vice versa) in some cases has broken the flow of the game a bit, forcing me to interrupt my exploration and my quests to evolve my avatar.

Shady Part of Me Review – A puzzle and psychology platform

Puzzle platform and emotional catharsis seem to work very well together: it will be the way in which gameplay made of jumps, runs, climbs and intuitions to solve the puzzles to the echoes of human psychology, captivating the players with simple mechanics but whose aims are not never clear until the end of the game.

The fact is that from Limbo to Thomas Was Alone, passing through Braid and his sense of guilt up to the traumas of Contrast and the depression of Another Perspective, just to name a few, the union between the two parts has always proved very effective. Here Shady

Part of Me fits in with incredible ease, as you can imagine a puzzle platform developed by the independent studio Douze Dixièmes, which gives life to a world poised between dream and reality, born from doubts, past experiences and hopes of a little girl looking for freedom. The same one that, together with its shadow with its own will as in a new Peter Pan, we will control for the duration of the game. Discover this little hidden gem in our Shady Part of Me review.

Shady Part of Me moves through patterns established over the years: players take on the role of a mysterious little girl on the run from what appears to be a madhouse, followed by her shadow as an imaginary friend or (in this case) a psychological manifestation, another self that she relies on throughout the course of the game but in turn needs her to be able to continue – trapped as she is in the areas of light between two extremes of shadow.

In this sense, the dualism between the parts is very curious: the flesh-and-blood girl shuns the light and can only proceed in dark areas, while the shadow needs light to exist. On their path to freedom, both will learn to trust each other, developing a curious friendship (which is ultimately a reflection of the reconciliation between two parts of themselves) and referring, during their dialogues, to therapeutic progress and tenacity as tools to resolve insecurity and perhaps even an unspecified trauma.

Interposing between them, beyond the obstacles that physically prevent the progression, is the voice of a psychologist who will make their relationship falter several times but also seems a push to break down the walls behind which they take refuge.