20 Entertaining Office Party Games for Small and Large Groups


An office party is a great way to bond with the entire team and organization. The foundation of the bond will be good memories that the attendees can carry with them after attending the office party. The best way to create such memories is to keep them entertained throughout the party. We understand that this is not an easy task. To help you with the same, we will highlight below the 20 best office party games that will help keep the guests entertained and uplift your party.

1. Office Pictionary:
Modify the classic Pictionary game with office words and phrases and ask the participants to draw the same while the others guess what they have drawn. The modification is certainly going to keep everyone on tenterhooks and entertain them.

2. Office Trivia:
Give trivia a twist. Ask your colleagues about company policies, company goals, and company history. It will surely keep everyone engrossed since it is about their company and a great way to inform everyone at the party regarding the company.

3. Charades:
Charades is one of the most entertaining games at home and office parties. Make everyone write a phrase, song, or movie on a piece of paper and put that in a bowl. Every person will take out a piece of paper, draw the same, and act it out. The guessing game keeps everyone entertained.

4. Word Scramble:
Write some jumbled-up words on a whiteboard or a large piece of paper and ask everyone to unscramble them. The first person who unscrambles all of those words wins.

5. Two Truths and a Lie:
Why not put the acting skills of the attendees to the test?

Ask everyone to tell two truths and a lie about themselves. The job of everyone else is to figure out which is the lie.

6. Office Scavenger Hunt:
Divide the list of attendees into different groups and have them search for objects related to the quotes or idioms you provide. The first one to find all the objects wins.

7. Murder mystery:
Mystery games are an excellent choice for small groups. You can even play these games without a board. However, it is best to get a popular game like mafia beforehand and integrate the players accordingly to determine the murderer.

8. Name That Tune:
The game we are highlighting now is perfect for larger groups. Divide the group into two teams; every team will play a short song clip. The other team’s goal is to guess the entire song as soon as possible. The team which guesses the song first wins.

9. The Price is Right:
This is it if you’re searching for a game more suitable for a corporate setting. List down the items found in your office on paper. These can include office items like computers, staplers, paper punchers, etc. Ask everyone to guess the price of those items. The person whose guess is closest to the real price wins.


10. Office Jokes:
Office-related jokes will have everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. Divide the group into two teams and ask each team to tell office-related jokes. The team which triggers the most laughs wins.

11. Office Category Scavenger Hunt:
Do not confuse this with the game highlighted above. This game has a twist. Divide the entire group into two different teams and ask each team to gather all the items of a certain category. The team which can do so for their respective category wins.

12. Guess Who?:
If you have a small gathering, this game is a great option. Have everyone write the name of one of his colleagues on a piece of paper and collect the pieces in a bowl. Every attendee will draw out the name, create a drawing of that office colleague, and explain the same indirectly using clues. The person who guesses the most names correctly wins.

13. Trivia Challenge:
The trivia challenge might be similar to office trivia, but it has a twist. In addition to office trivia, you can also ask general questions from teams. This will help you test your knowledge of everything and discover the interests of various individuals.

14. Mad Libs:
Mad Libs is a funny game unlike any other. Every attendee at the party has to write a list of words on a piece of paper which will be collected in a bowl. The words can be adjectives, verbs, nouns, and so on. When a person pulls out a piece of paper, he/she has to draw the word and also amalgamate it into a story without saying the word and merely mentioning the fill-in-the-blank in the funny story. The rest of the group will have to guess what comes in that fill-in-the-blank.

15. Office Jeopardy:
Office Jeopardy involves dividing the attendees into two different teams and challenging your colleagues with office-related questions. The team which answers most questions correctly wins.

16. Scavenger Hunt (Outside office):
The twist in this game is to collect items in the entire category outside your office. This will certainly cause the team to move, breaking the monotony and keeping everyone entertained simultaneously.

17. Office Charades:
Office Charades puts a twist to the classic game where everyone has to write only office-related phrases, songs, or movies. The person pulling out the piece of paper has to draw the same and act it out.

18. ffice Bingo:
Office bingo is the perfect game, no matter how large the office group is. Make everyone write office-related words and put them in a bowl. The person who draws out the word must draw it on paper and use it to fill in the blank on the bingo card. The winner is the first person who gets a bingo.

19. Business Trivia:
Why not put another twist to office trivia?

The questions in this game will revolve around competitors, industry, and so on. The attendees are divided into teams and need to answer such business questions. The team which answers the most questions accurately wins.

20. Office Olympics:
Need a competitive game?

If so, office Olympics is the perfect option. Divide the attendees into two teams; every team has to participate in various games like chair racing, paper clip stacking, airplane flying, and so on. The team that gathers the most points throughout these games wins.