Welcome to our Just Jumble Answers website. The most popular jumble game answers are published here on a daily basis for you. It has been a while since We decided to launch this website after judging the difficulty of solving its endless puzzles the game has to offers. This Jumble games are tricky games to solve sometimes, that’s the reason why this website was born.

To make your life easier and unscramble the next difficult jumble you cannot crack by yourself. Sometimes the answers are obvious by just looking at the caption image or the sentence sometimes they are not. Here is where we step on to help. We are gradually adding all the answers as we progress in the game.


When done playing and solving the entire Just Jumble game you will most likely need another interesting and challenging game replacement. We think Daily Themed Crosswords Game.

All About Jumble Puzzles

When was it born?

This is a classic type of Jumble Puzzle. The type of game with a cartoon that you see everyday on your local newspaper. The jumble has been around for over 60 years as it was created in 1954 by Martin Naydel. A person who was known for his work on comic books. Its initial name was Scramble but later was changed. It has changed its rights a few times and its variations are found in many newspapers as the game is syndicated in more than 500 newspapers worldwide.

What is it?

If there is any of you who doesn’t know what a Jumble Puzzle is we’ll give you a short introduction.
It is the most popular word puzzle in the world and the way it works is that you have letters that you unscramble to make words. And you have a punny or homophone answer and the Cartoon of the puzzle, serves as a clue to the answer. You as a solver need to reconstruct the word and arrange letters in the correct position to spell the answer or the phase correctly.

Other variations of the game include: Jumble for Kids, Jumble Crosswords, TV Jumble, Jumble BrainBusters, Just Jumble (app version), Jumble Word Web, Jumble Word Vault, Hollywood Jumble, Jumble Solitaire and Jumpin Jumble.

Jumble Books

Book version of the Jumble puzzle have been published periodically. They include Jumbles for Kids, Sport Jumble Books, Jumble Anniversary Books, Another Called Jumble Jubilee, or Jamboree (which is a humorous themed one) as well as collection of many puzzles like Jumbo Jumble (which has more than 500 puzzles).


A game show version of the famous Jumble Puzzle also aired in Television there actually were two game shows.
One in United States(hosted by Wink Martindale)

Check the video below if you’re curious:

and another in England (It aired just one year between 1991 and 1992 and it was hosted by Jeff Stevenson).

A video of the British Show can be seen below:

Scrabble – How do Play it?

The objective of the game is to spell words to score points and have the highest total points at the end of the game.

The game ends when all the letters have been drawn and one of the players uses their last available letter
When all the possible plays have been made.

At the game start each player gets assigned a starting letter tile, the player whose letter is closest to ‘A’ begins first. Note that a Blank letter beats all letters, and if there is a tie (identical letters), the letter tiles are redrawn. After that each player draws 7 letter tiles. These are the standard rules but keep in mind that variations exist.

When your turn comes, you place letters on the game board and spell a complete word that either reads left to right or top to bottom.
One of your letters must touch a letter already in play. And if that alters that word then it must turn it into a new word. In addition, any adjacent letters your letter touches must also form complete words similar to what it does on a crossword.

You score points for each letter and all new words formed during your turn. Some letters may be counted twice if they are in more than one new word. If you didn’t change a word however – you don’t count the points.

You are now allowed to move or shift letter tiles that have been already played. There are also bonus squares on the game board. If during your turn you place letters on bonus squares – then you apply its effects to every new word that letter affects.

Bonus letter squares only affect the letters score while
Bonus word squares affect the entire word score.

The star Square
The premium star square in the middle of the board has 2 purposes-effects. First it determines where the first play must be. The first word played must cover that square. The second is that it doubles the score of the first word. So if you play seven tiles from your letter rack, you receive 50 bonus points for that turn.

Blank tiles can be used as whatever letter you prefer. However keep in mind that once played as a certain letter, that letter they played as, cannot be changed.

Most Challenging Puzzle and Brain Teaser Games

If you are able to crack these puzzle and brain teaser games than it’s safe saying you’re a word solving master.

Puzzle Games (with words) have numerous brain health benefits and you sure don’t want to miss out on them. It has been proven by many studies now, that playing and solving puzzles can greatly improve your memory.


Braingle is a game that is available as a free online game and they say that they have the best collection of brain teasers with a set of more than 10 thousand puzzles to their collection. They have a very strong community of puzzle player fanatics which can create their own puzzles and twist them however they feel like. Different kind of puzzles are offered including visual puzzles, ciphers and codes along with of course, trivia quizzes which is their main offering.

App Store


Well you probably heard of the very famous twitter game Wordle by Josh Wardle. It became a social media viral game, especially on twitter because there is where most people used to post their daily score.It has found its way into the daily lives of many players mainly because it’s too basic and has only one puzzle per day and that puzzle consists of finding the 5 letter word. So it is why it’s easy to catch up with it. It doesn’t require a large chunk of your time. You may play wordle while commuting or on your coffee break.


Sudoku can be considered a classic brain teasing game. It is simple in concept but not simple to crack. You have to place numbers in the boxes very quickly or you will run out of your short memory. You need to look ahead while placing a number and follow the trails, if you want to solve the puzzle. Short term memory and paying attention to patterns, are essential while playing Sudoku. It is this type of ahead-thinking that help you improve your concentration and short time memory. Sudoku can be played almost in every way you may think of: computer, mobile apps or on paper. Many newspapers including NYT, WAPO, LAT have a sudoku game in their puzzle sections.


Queendom is a brain teasing or we better say brain training website with thousands of personalities including surveys and tests you can make. There are many logic puzzles as well which include verbal, spatial and math puzzles as well. To be able to keep score of your results and progress you need an account which you can create for free. You can get the result of your test in two variations: free or paid. The free one is more like a short summary of your results whereas the paid one explains your results in a detailed manner.


Scrabble the famous game created over 80 years ago by Alfred Butts, an un-employed architect from New York City is definitely a classic game that has been played for so long by so many people and still has a strong community of players including many celebrities. There are many tricky word scramble puzzles which callenge you to unscramble terms, words the existence of which you sometimes don’t know, let alone their meaning. They are good for testing both your memory and vocabulary. There are many Scrabble Tournaments which happen all over the world because besides being born in US, Scrabble is now played worldwide.

400 Words Banned from Scrabble – Players Enraged

An ever growing group of scrabble players are quitting the competitive word game after it removed (or banned) hundreds of words  ( it is said it removed more than 400 houndred games). The words/terms that were banned from its official dictionary included racial, sexual and gender insults.

As a result, many people are quitting the game because they don’t agree with such a change. And this is now going to stop any time soon – ever more people are leaving because it has enraged a lot of people in the Scrabble community.  Nobody favours the ban.
Some words should have been banned, especially the racial insults, but other words did not have to be ‘expelled’ from the game – said a long time player. The words cannot be un-created or un-invented they are part of our sometimes not so glorious history – said another.
Another player points our that there is a difference distinction playing and using the words in a mobile word game vs using them in the everyday life.

Among the notable names who protested by quitting the game is Darryl Francis, he is the co creator of the Scrabble Words. He said that the words found in the official American Dictionary are not slurs therefore the Scrabble list of words cannot be containing slurs.

“They only become slurs if used with a derogatory purpose or intent or used with a particular tone and context.
Words in our Scrabble dictionary should not be removed for PR purposes masked as promoting some kind of social betterment.”   – he later added.

5BY5 Strategy Puzzle Game

5BY5 or Five by Five is a new release from the game publisher Isotope24, which has been available on the app store as of late. Five by Five comes with a completely new gameplay mode that has not been seen before on other similar games on this niche. It features some logic games, the likes of Sudoku but with a twist. The player of this fame must slide the tiles(numbered) in up,down,right,left directions in order to match the colors of the tiles so as to get bonus points when same color tiles are 5 or more.

A mix between Puzzle and Strategy

The players of this game will challenge their brain with this interesting entwine of puzzle and strategy. Only using an element of this game, is challenging enough now imagine using one or more elements on this game, you know for sure that you will fire up your brain to the maximum and try to utilise as much brain puzzle as you possibly can. Your brain will work on many directions such as motor control, planning ahead, matching colors and math just to name a few. So get ready to give your brain some tremendous challenges.

Puzzle games have been proved to make you gain significant cognitive functions. A doctor researcher at University of Iowa said that playing puzzle games is helpful for slowing mental decay. Read the article ‘Want to slow Mental Decay – Play video games’ here.

PLayers will make their brains struggle sometimes with this game’s modes and also compete with their friends if they want to spice up the challenge.

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River Cross Logic Puzzle Game Review

River Crossing Puzzle game is a mobile game released by Androyal. It is available on both Platforms App Store and Play Store

This is a game that will seem familiar to you and make you reminiscent of your youth if you liked playing and solving logic games as a kid. It offers some classic style puzzles similar to the ones you probably did in primary school with the only difference that now you play them on a different platform and not a pencil and a paper.

Whether or not you appreciate River Cross will depend on your affinity for logic puzzle games. The puzzles are brain-benders, designed to get you using your noggin. I figured out the first one right away but gave up on the second (and third and fourth) after about ten minutes.

If you will like playing River Crossing will depend on your preference and love for tackling logic puzzles. These brain-teasing games are designed to make you scratch your head. River Crossing has a total of 4 puzzles to solve. If you are able to finish it quickly it means you are a puzzle solving master and have a lot of kill. If you have an affinity to solve logic games, if you don’t like it then maybe its not worth paying a few $ for it.

First Level

The first River Crossing level is simple. You basically need to make a chicken a bag of grans and the farmer cross the river barrier but the condition is that only two can be fitted in the raft at the same time. The farmer must commandeer the raft while the chicken and the grain cannot be left alone because the chicken may start eating the grains. There are 2 kinda medium difficulty puzzles and a harder one.

Second Level

Then in level two we have 3 foxes and 3 chickens which will need to cross the river together. You are probably imagining what a great danger it is for these animals to cross the river together in a pack.

Third and Fourth

The same with level 3 and 4 which has a scenario that requires entire family members that need to cross the river and cant be alone with each other because of certain reasons.

We can say that River Crossing s a pretty direct type of game. With cool animations of characters and raft that react when you tap the screen, beautiful graphics and theme, you can clearly judge it to be a professional looking game.

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Michael Fagen from Montreal Wins US Scrabble Tournament

Michael Fagen from Montreal Canada won the prize on the top Scrabble competition in U.S, last week, despite not being an expert.

It is amazing and I can’t believe it – claims Michael while holding the prize trophy that he earned at ‘Scrabble Players Championship’ which took place at the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards in Baltimore from July 23 to 27, 2022;

The preliminary rankings (or seeds like they have in other sports)  gave him the 28th spot from 42 players who participated. So rightfully Fagen was not expecting to even come close to the top 5, let alone winning the competition – as he said. This is a rare event because up until now, nobody with a seeding on the lower half bottom of the rank has never earned the top spot.

Fagen joined the Montreal Scrabble Club in 2009 and has been perfecting his skills ever since.
Since 2009, when he joined the Scrabble Club in Montreal, Michael has been improving his skill at scrabble.

According to Michael scrabble is a multi-layered game.  You want to keep an eye on the board,  try to find out where the top-scoring place could be, unscramble the letters, find the best places on the board that can make you score most points etc. Besides all that you must also be able to stop your opponent from scoring if you want to make it to the top and win. It is not just a word game, it is a math game as well. This game has many variables.

Rayland Comes Up with a New Puzzle Game


This is the trailer of the newest game from Rayland. It is availble for PS4/5 as a paid game. As you can see from the trailer the puzzle experience has been turned into a full fledged brain teasing game on its own. We have all played games which incorporated a puzzle into them, and where you needed to find all the tricky ways to get to a specific destination.

The game starts of with very easy levels and as you progress further you will reach a point where you will struggle with finding out where to point the laser beam to. You need to project where the laser beam will end up to.

It is obviously a very basic and simple game but for people who have fun while encountering small puzzles in big games, will have a lot of fun with this all-puzzle game. If you are one of those players who enjoys them, you will definitely enjoy this game as well.

PS StoreSteam StoreMicrosoft Store (XBOX)

Adults Turn to Puzzles to Clear their Heads

The lockdowns have led to a surge in activity for adult puzzles. A trend that has been emerging for some time. A renewed appetite for a restful activity, without a screen.

King of the paradox: puzzle at first glance but relaxation is at the end of concentration. If you wake up your memories, on one side you see a bunch of coins that you will patiently sort through, on the other a picture. In the middle, a desire to assemble and a tip: draw the outlines to start the adventure. And always looking for the detail that is missing from the face, the cloud that obscures the horizon. Always a keen eye for the part that adapts to the crenellated void in front of you. Sometimes turning it over again and again without finding a way out.

The puzzle for adults like Word Craze Puzzle game is making a comeback. And far from taking the lead, he would have the virtues of emptying it. Because at the moment T, explain amateurs, manufacturers, and shrinks too, driven by this quest for the right part, you are not thinking of anything.

“A bit like coloring a few years ago, this activity stems from the need to take time for yourself. Calm down. This is the bad of the moment, running around in a stressed environment. We refocus and that feels good, ”explains Laurent Cochet, Marketing Director France at Ravensburger, world leader in the sector.

Undoubtedly assets. In any case widely acclaimed in this year of health crisis. “We had an explosion in sales in the week leading up to the first lockdown,” confirms Éric Lathière-Lavergne, CEO of Planet’Puzzles, one of the main mail order sites in France and Germany. “A global crisis which has led to the stock shortage for some American manufacturers unable to keep up with the demand in their own country

The Best Board Games to Play with your Family

Whether you want to play with a sibling or have a family gathering gameplay in the evening you should check out our suggestion for board games to consider. Below we are listing our top picks for games to play with your family, so leave your phones aside and get ready to play some offline – classic games.They are way more fun than silent smart-phone games.

Reiner Knizia’s My City

This was awarded the Game of the Year 2021 title. It is not always easy for new players to choose a board game that brings them (or brings them back) to this world and for this reason, nine years ago, an ad hoc award was born. In fact, it is dedicated to the so-called “gateway” titles, those easy but compelling board games, with clear and concise regulations capable of involving the whole family or friends.

Never before has the Game of the Year revealed all its importance as this year. Thanks to the pandemic, more and more Italians have discovered board games as leisure companions and My City presents itself as an excellent gateway to this world. Designed for two to four participants and signed by one of the best-known designers in the world, it puts players in the shoes of skilled city builders. Using polyominoes similar to those of Tetris, they raise buildings, railways, industries on their board: the aim is to create better combinations than those of the opponents and the beauty is that the game does not end after the game.

Micro-Macro Crime City

For the first time in its history, the jury of the Game of the Year 2021 – composed of Paolo Cupola, Beatrice Parisi, Riccardo Busetto, Massimiliano Calimera, Fabio Cambiaghi, Caterina Ligabue, Giordana Moroni, Fabrizio Paoli and the writer – also awarded a Special mention: this is MicroMacro: Crime City by Johannes Sich (MS Edizioni). Deductive outside the box, it places a large sheet full of characters in front of the players and the aim is to solve the different cases by carefully watching and interpreting the numerous scenes depicted. A bit like Where is Wally? marry Sherlock Holmes. Also playable alone, in the box it also has a magnifying glass to better see the very small scenes.


Life was certainly not easy in the Stone Age and this Paleo is here to prove it. Cooperative, it puts players in the shoes of cavemen who must survive the pitfalls of time by helping each other. The aim is to complete a cave painting but in the meantime they have to build objects, recruit new members, fight fairs and avoid nefarious events. The game contains 10 different modules to adapt the level of difficulty to the skill of the participants.

The Crew

Winner of the German Kennerspiel Des Jahres award and of the French As d’Or, he also lands at The Crew Game of the Year. The formula is curious: at the base we have the tressette so dear to us Italians but here it is transformed into a cooperative in the countryside. One game after another, rules and limitations are added, making the games always different and increasingly complex. Can you make it to the end?

Puzzles Peak as People seek to Pass Time

Puzzle Business Goes ‘Bonkers’ As People Seek Pandemic Pastimes At Home

Jigsaw puzzles have always been something people used to play to pass the time.But they have become increasingly popular during the pandemic as a favourite pastime in these troubled times. They have become so popular that bookshops have had a hard time keeping them in the stock. There is a global puzzle shortage in this time says Brian W, the co owner of the PuzzleWarehouse online retailer. Most of the factories in the world are far behind schedule by at least a few months he says.

That is also confirmed by Matthew Goin, who was looking to buy puzzles for his 3 children a few years ago and could not find one that looked similar to his family(he is African American). Because of this lack of racial diversity in the puzzles that were on sale he and his wife started an online Company called Puzzle huddle. They say the most popular puzzle is that showing a Black Girl doing an experiement in the chemistry set.

Supraland Is a Challenging Puzzle Game

Supraland is an action and challenging puzzle game. Unlucky for us, it lacks intuition, which makes it a bit confusing to play.

Humble Games publisher and Game developer Supra Games released Supraland in October, a FPS game that combines 3D platformer action with a series of tricky puzzles.

Supraland is an open world type of game and demands the player to collect a series of macgufins from the various colored crystals which are very hard to reach, all that in order to progress and solve a conflict between te groups of blue red people who live in a backyard sandbox of a child. It is a challenging and fun explorative game but unfurtunately it lacks common sense and intuition and most of you will struggle with it. This can make the game experience especially frustrating at times.

Like most metroidvanias, Supraland requires the player to retrace their steps at multiple points throughout the game. Solving a puzzle in one area may require going back to the previous one in order to acquire a special item or customize something to make it work in a new context. It’s also necessary to explore every nook and cranny of the map, including hidden crevices and high-up platforms, which aren’t always accessible from the jump.


Like all metroidvanias or at least like most of them, Supraland makes the player retrace their steps to various points thoughout the game. If you solve a puzzle in one area it may require you to go back to the previous one in order to get a special item or customize something to make it work in a new environment. Exploring every nook and cranny of the map is also necessary, which includes hidden crevices and platforms that stand hight up and are not always accessible by jumping.

Besides collecting barrels to unlock weapon upgrades and movement enhancements at shops spread throughout the maps, you can also find coins to pay for upgrades and macguffins. You as a player have the task to figure out how pieces of the world interact in order to progress further.

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