Scrabble – How do Play it?


The objective of the game is to spell words to score points and have the highest total points at the end of the game.

The game ends when all the letters have been drawn and one of the players uses their last available letter
When all the possible plays have been made.

At the game start each player gets assigned a starting letter tile, the player whose letter is closest to ‘A’ begins first. Note that a Blank letter beats all letters, and if there is a tie (identical letters), the letter tiles are redrawn. After that each player draws 7 letter tiles. These are the standard rules but keep in mind that variations exist.


When your turn comes, you place letters on the game board and spell a complete word that either reads left to right or top to bottom.
One of your letters must touch a letter already in play. And if that alters that word then it must turn it into a new word. In addition, any adjacent letters your letter touches must also form complete words similar to what it does on a crossword.

You score points for each letter and all new words formed during your turn. Some letters may be counted twice if they are in more than one new word. If you didn’t change a word however – you don’t count the points.

You are now allowed to move or shift letter tiles that have been already played. There are also bonus squares on the game board. If during your turn you place letters on bonus squares – then you apply its effects to every new word that letter affects.

Bonus letter squares only affect the letters score while
Bonus word squares affect the entire word score.

The star Square
The premium star square in the middle of the board has 2 purposes-effects. First it determines where the first play must be. The first word played must cover that square. The second is that it doubles the score of the first word. So if you play seven tiles from your letter rack, you receive 50 bonus points for that turn.

Blank tiles can be used as whatever letter you prefer. However keep in mind that once played as a certain letter, that letter they played as, cannot be changed.