Only Sharp Minds Can Read It Loud


I am the one who loves to explore those tests, astrological secrets, and quizzes that help me uncover my inner being and understand my abilities more.

I love participating in the Facebook test and other possible challenges to know the better part of myself. I explored all those, including the secret crush on me and the most popular food of the year. All these are inspiring and worth trying to look at from different angles.

It’s not me, only we like it. We all have the instinct to have more information about ourselves. That’s why many of us rely on astrology. But do you think these predictions give insight into your nature or discover something hidden from you?

You might have discovered something or not, but you must have loved how it works. Our minds work in the same way when it comes to uncovering something new, and we all have fun if we discover something about our future.

I like those tests and quizzes that test my skills and make me feel superior. I can feel happy by seeing the hidden zig-zag image or image in the circle and feel the superpower inside me.

Apart from all these, I like to read jumbled words and test my reading skills. You might have seen many such letters, especially on social networking sites.


As dicsoveerd by Cbmaridge Uniervsity, you can raed the wrod coectrrly if the frist and lsat ltteres are in the rghit pacle and the ohter ltetres are in the mses. You can orbevse both tehse leettrs and raed the wrod crrocetly. You can raed jubmeld wrods snice human mnids do not raed every letter. Istnead, we raed the wrod.

Can you raed the aovbe stenceens? Check and try to read these words. You can if you focus on the last and first letter.

However, Cambridge University had no such findings. Matt Davis, a senior scientist at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at Cambridge University, has debunked this statement. But the revelation became very popular and inspired many to read and understand jumbled words.

The statement achieved much hype and got a new name, typoglycemia. It proves the ability to read jumbled letters.


The word is for those who can read jumbled words fast and accurately. Yes, it shows that you can read those complex mixed-up words easily. The typoglycemia combines two words: typo and glycemia.

As revealed by Davis’ research studies, few things can help us read jumbled words. These factors influence your ability to read those words without any confusion. You can take the example of the length of words. Short words will have a few letters, and you can read them fast. Also, the transposition of letters will play a role. That means you will have to check the location of jumbled words.

You can check the following sentence and understand how length and transposition influence your ability to read jumbled words.

We will take an example given by Davis. A dcootr has adittemd the magltheuansr of the tnageee cncear ptienat who lsot his lfie due to the drug blendur of the hsitpoal.