How Unscrambling Words Impacts Cognition Positively


There are extensive research studies on the impact of word games and puzzles on cognitive growth, including memory, motor abilities, and other brain functions.

You will also find many research studies on how games and puzzles affect aging. Can one delay aging or halt the process by engaging in these games? How do puzzles and games pause the aging process? Now, puzzles, including crosswords, Sudoku, word searches, and scrambled words, have received widespread attention. People appreciate their positive impact on cognition. However, people want to know more about how these activities contribute to brain health.

We all need to perform daily tasks, but we need cognitive abilities to accomplish them without support. Cognition plays a determining role in planning and performing different tasks independently and confidently. You can improve your mental power by engaging in word games. These games are the best for all, especially for elders. They can keep themselves busy, improve brain abilities, and stimulate brain functioning. We can take the example of unscrambling words. Many find this game significantly beneficial for cognitive health.

How do unscrambling jumbled words contribute to brain development? What mechanism do our brains use when unscrambling those words? Many of us have these queries, and we keep wondering how simply unscrambling words will help with cognitive abilities. K.V.S. Hari and S.P. Arun at the Center for Neuroscience at the IISC in Bengaluru have developed a computer model to answer your queries. According to their model, our brain uses letters to create a word and compare it with words in the memory when we see jumbled words.


Getting the meaning of any word from symbols and letters is a complex process and requires mental power. The process forces our memory and involves our brain and its cognitive ability. Our brain analyzes visually, linguistically, and phonologically jumbled words in many ways.

Our brain can read a word fast when the final and initial letters remain unchanged or have similar forms. But some formats are complex and hard to recognize. Also, many have inherent preferences for some words. They use some letters often and can solve similar words fast. They recognize similar sound words at the phonological level. All the elements come together to read jumbled words. Our brain uses different abilities and needs a lot of power for this task.

We should keep our minds healthy and in good shape to perform daily tasks effortlessly. It is as important as gaining new information and learning different things. The impact of aging on the brain is natural and might get worse when you leave it unaddressed. You can maintain a healthy mind if you want to age gracefully physically and mentally.

You can use your free time to play a word game, engage yourself, and relieve all the stress. Word games will entertain you, improve your cognitive ability, and keep all your concerns at bay. In brief, word games are the best brain-boosting activity you should practice to take a pause from all stress and improve your cognitive ability and perform your daily tasks independently.