Supraland Is a Challenging Puzzle Game


Supraland is an action and challenging puzzle game. Unlucky for us, it lacks intuition, which makes it a bit confusing to play.

Humble Games publisher and Game developer Supra Games released Supraland in October, a FPS game that combines 3D platformer action with a series of tricky puzzles.

Supraland is an open world type of game and demands the player to collect a series of macgufins from the various colored crystals which are very hard to reach, all that in order to progress and solve a conflict between te groups of blue red people who live in a backyard sandbox of a child. It is a challenging and fun explorative game but unfurtunately it lacks common sense and intuition and most of you will struggle with it. This can make the game experience especially frustrating at times.

Like most metroidvanias, Supraland requires the player to retrace their steps at multiple points throughout the game. Solving a puzzle in one area may require going back to the previous one in order to acquire a special item or customize something to make it work in a new context. It’s also necessary to explore every nook and cranny of the map, including hidden crevices and high-up platforms, which aren’t always accessible from the jump.


Like all metroidvanias or at least like most of them, Supraland makes the player retrace their steps to various points thoughout the game. If you solve a puzzle in one area it may require you to go back to the previous one in order to get a special item or customize something to make it work in a new environment. Exploring every nook and cranny of the map is also necessary, which includes hidden crevices and platforms that stand hight up and are not always accessible by jumping.

Besides collecting barrels to unlock weapon upgrades and movement enhancements at shops spread throughout the maps, you can also find coins to pay for upgrades and macguffins. You as a player have the task to figure out how pieces of the world interact in order to progress further.

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