River Cross Logic Puzzle Game Review

River Crossing Puzzle game is a mobile game released by Androyal. It is available on both Platforms App Store and Play Store

This is a game that will seem familiar to you and make you reminiscent of your youth if you liked playing and solving logic games as a kid. It offers some classic style puzzles similar to the ones you probably did in primary school with the only difference that now you play them on a different platform and not a pencil and a paper.

Whether or not you appreciate River Cross will depend on your affinity for logic puzzle games. The puzzles are brain-benders, designed to get you using your noggin. I figured out the first one right away but gave up on the second (and third and fourth) after about ten minutes.

If you will like playing River Crossing will depend on your preference and love for tackling logic puzzles. These brain-teasing games are designed to make you scratch your head. River Crossing has a total of 4 puzzles to solve. If you are able to finish it quickly it means you are a puzzle solving master and have a lot of kill. If you have an affinity to solve logic games, if you don’t like it then maybe its not worth paying a few $ for it.

First Level

The first River Crossing level is simple. You basically need to make a chicken a bag of grans and the farmer cross the river barrier but the condition is that only two can be fitted in the raft at the same time. The farmer must commandeer the raft while the chicken and the grain cannot be left alone because the chicken may start eating the grains. There are 2 kinda medium difficulty puzzles and a harder one.

Second Level

Then in level two we have 3 foxes and 3 chickens which will need to cross the river together. You are probably imagining what a great danger it is for these animals to cross the river together in a pack.

Third and Fourth

The same with level 3 and 4 which has a scenario that requires entire family members that need to cross the river and cant be alone with each other because of certain reasons.

We can say that River Crossing s a pretty direct type of game. With cool animations of characters and raft that react when you tap the screen, beautiful graphics and theme, you can clearly judge it to be a professional looking game.

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