Rayland Comes Up with a New Puzzle Game


This is the trailer of the newest game from Rayland. It is availble for PS4/5 as a paid game. As you can see from the trailer the puzzle experience has been turned into a full fledged brain teasing game on its own. We have all played games which incorporated a puzzle into them, and where you needed to find all the tricky ways to get to a specific destination.

The game starts of with very easy levels and as you progress further you will reach a point where you will struggle with finding out where to point the laser beam to. You need to project where the laser beam will end up to.

It is obviously a very basic and simple game but for people who have fun while encountering small puzzles in big games, will have a lot of fun with this all-puzzle game. If you are one of those players who enjoys them, you will definitely enjoy this game as well.

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