Most Challenging Puzzle and Brain Teaser Games

If you are able to crack these puzzle and brain teaser games than it’s safe saying you’re a word solving master.

Puzzle Games (with words) have numerous brain health benefits and you sure don’t want to miss out on them. It has been proven by many studies now, that playing and solving puzzles can greatly improve your memory.


Braingle is a game that is available as a free online game and they say that they have the best collection of brain teasers with a set of more than 10 thousand puzzles to their collection. They have a very strong community of puzzle player fanatics which can create their own puzzles and twist them however they feel like. Different kind of puzzles are offered including visual puzzles, ciphers and codes along with of course, trivia quizzes which is their main offering.

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Well you probably heard of the very famous twitter game Wordle by Josh Wardle. It became a social media viral game, especially on twitter because there is where most people used to post their daily score.It has found its way into the daily lives of many players mainly because it’s too basic and has only one puzzle per day and that puzzle consists of finding the 5 letter word. So it is why it’s easy to catch up with it. It doesn’t require a large chunk of your time. You may play wordle while commuting or on your coffee break.


Sudoku can be considered a classic brain teasing game. It is simple in concept but not simple to crack. You have to place numbers in the boxes very quickly or you will run out of your short memory. You need to look ahead while placing a number and follow the trails, if you want to solve the puzzle. Short term memory and paying attention to patterns, are essential while playing Sudoku. It is this type of ahead-thinking that help you improve your concentration and short time memory. Sudoku can be played almost in every way you may think of: computer, mobile apps or on paper. Many newspapers including NYT, WAPO, LAT have a sudoku game in their puzzle sections.


Queendom is a brain teasing or we better say brain training website with thousands of personalities including surveys and tests you can make. There are many logic puzzles as well which include verbal, spatial and math puzzles as well. To be able to keep score of your results and progress you need an account which you can create for free. You can get the result of your test in two variations: free or paid. The free one is more like a short summary of your results whereas the paid one explains your results in a detailed manner.


Scrabble the famous game created over 80 years ago by Alfred Butts, an un-employed architect from New York City is definitely a classic game that has been played for so long by so many people and still has a strong community of players including many celebrities. There are many tricky word scramble puzzles which callenge you to unscramble terms, words the existence of which you sometimes don’t know, let alone their meaning. They are good for testing both your memory and vocabulary. There are many Scrabble Tournaments which happen all over the world because besides being born in US, Scrabble is now played worldwide.