Jigsaw Puzzle Helped Participants during the pandemic

David Leschinsky stayed home and played with any puzzle he could get his hands on while his peers gravitated towards baseball and basketball fields while growing up.

To David, there are few thngs to do more relaxing than finishing a puzzle. He loved jigsaw puzzles so much that he left the technology industry 16 years ago to start Eurek Puzzles, a jigsaw store in Brookline, Massachusetts.

When the coronavirus began catching Americans’ attention back in March, Leschinsky wanted others to have access to his go-to leisure activity during a time when many people were stuck inside their homes. He gave away parts of a 40,320m piece puzzle to nearby people, and was hoping to join the components when the health crisis became less serious.

The jigsaw project was a way to build a small community and provide an fun and challenging activity for the residents of Massachusetts during the pandemic situation.

Malka Benjamin one of the projects participants said that Having that puzzle to work on, was the reason she got through the shutdown and made it possible mentally for her to pass it easier.

Near the beginning of 2019, Eureka! Puzzles bought the jigsaw from Ravensburger, a German puzzlemaker, to add to its collection of more than 5,000 items. Until March, the largest jigsaw Eureka! Puzzles owned sat on a top shelf in the small store.

Eureka Puzzles acquired the jigsaw from Ravensburger, a puzzlemaker from Germany. The acquisition happened in the beginning of year 2019.

When glimpsing at it a day back in March, David asked his employees about administering parts of $600 puzzle to his customers free of cost. They initially thought nobody would really be interested in this.