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Picross S5 Coming Next Week on Nintendo Switch

Picross S5, the Jupiter puzzle game and the latest chapter of the S series of the same name, has been announced for Nintendo Switch, where it will arrive in digital format on November 26th and can be purchased on the eShop for € 9.99.

The release date of Picross S5 on Nintendo’s hybrid was just recently announced by Jupiter herself, who released the game’s trailer on YouTube.

Now, then, waiting for November 26, I leave you at the bottom of the article the trailer for Picross S5 and its overview, available in full on the official website of the game.

Tak a look at the Game Intro and Trailer

The fifth Picross of the S series is full of puzzles and fun!
Lots of new puzzles are waiting for you to entertain and challenge yourself in the four game modes, which are: Picross, Mega Picross, Color Picross and Clip Picross, plus lots of extra content and bonuses!
– New puzzles in four modes and lots of extra content: there are a total of 300 Picross and Mega Picross, 150 Clip Picross puzzles, 30 Color Picross and five extra puzzles, all for a total of 485 puzzles!
– See your personal best time: the time you take to complete each puzzle and the total time for completing all puzzles will now be shown!
– contrasting colors: the option of being able to change colors is now easier and confusing colors will only be a distant memory!

Tetris Effect Connected Game Review

Tetris Effect Connected Game review the Ultimate puzzle game to play.

The new version of Tetris Effects brings in some new addictive multiplayer modes to make the definite edition of the world’s most famous puzzler game. A restart of a game that was first released in 84 does not look like one of the XBox series X most prominent titles. Tetris Effect has no need for a next generation tech trick. Tetris is not an ordinary puzzler, it is the worlds most recognisable and popular video games ever created.

The triumphant squeal after swiftly vanishing four rows with a quickly placed I-block. Tetris has captivated it’s fans for about four decades now and has turned many of us into puzzling pros we are today

But it will take some serious shape-shifting to beat this high score.

The challenge: Top 116,498 points in a single game of Traditional Tetris. This took nearly 11 intense minutes, so get ready to focus! Can’t stack up? Try these tips:

1. Plan ahead
Keep an eye on the upper right of the game board to see the next three upcoming blocks. Knowing what’s coming will help you figure out exactly where to put that troublesome square block.

2. Get a Tetris
Tetris isn’t just the name of the game—it’s also what you call clearing four rows of blocks simultaneously. Be strategic about this: You’ll score eight times what you would for clearing a single line! To pull it off, fill a 9-wide-by-4-tall area, leaving a single column on either side clear. Then fill that gap with a vertical I-block (see tip 1).

3. Hold your blocks
See that “Hold” in the upper left? Tap it to store the block that’s currently falling for future use. Desperate for a Z-block to fill in an empty spot? Good thing you saved one!

Photo Puzzle, A gift suitable for many Ocassions

Having a nice photo puzzle made could be an excellent idea to make a special gift or to have a pastime with which to have fun in the company of your family. Assembling a puzzle of 300-400 pieces is certainly a fun activity capable of involving all family members, especially when the protagonists of the puzzle are the same family members. Today, having your own photo puzzle is very simple, with just a few clicks you can find many sites on the net that deal with online photo printing.

In fact, it is not necessary to physically go to a printing laboratory to obtain a photo puzzle: thanks to technology it is possible to order it directly from home on your smartphone, tablet, or computer while comfortably on the sofa. On the Internet there are various platforms that allow you to get personalized photo puzzles with your photos, and to receive it after a few days at your home, or directly at the recipient’s home, such as PhotoSì.

Give a romantic photo puzzle

If you are undecided about what to give to your girlfriend (or boyfriend), because you don’t want to resort to the usual banal and impersonal gifts, you can opt for something different and book a romantic photo puzzle. Spending little, you can surprise your partner with a particular gift, a photo puzzle created, for example, with the first photo taken together or an image that represents an important occasion. In addition to the photo, you can also choose the shape of the puzzle: to make the surprise even more romantic, for example, you can opt for a heart-shaped puzzle. In addition, you can also choose the number of pieces that make up the puzzle, obviously the more pieces there are, the longer it will take to assemble and admire it in its entirety.

Come and choose the perfect photo for the photo puzzle

Generally you can use any photo to make the photo puzzle. However, you need to consider factors if you want to get a perfect puzzle. First of all, it is essential to choose the photos taken at high resolution, only in this way will it be possible to avoid grainy puzzle pieces. Generally they are the same websites (or laboratories) in the printing of the photos and specify that you must send only high quality photos. Basically, you can choose any image as long as it’s not blurry or taken with too old cameras. Size could also be important to get a perfect photo puzzle: if you want to create a large puzzle it is advisable to select a photo that is not too small. In fact, enlarging the photo is not always possible without ruining its quality.

As for the choice of the protagonist of the photo puzzle, it is advisable to choose a photo that is appropriate to the context: for example, if you intend to create a photo puzzle for a friend, you could opt for a nice or irreverent photo, if instead you want to create a photo puzzle for a child then it is preferable to choose a sweet and cute photo. Furthermore, nothing prevents you from ordering photo puzzles created using personal shots, such as photos of landscapes, environments and locations.

On what occasions can you give a photo puzzle?

A personalized photo puzzle can be a simple and innovative way to celebrate an anniversary, an anniversary, a friendship, a birthday or a specific holiday. In fact, with the photo puzzle it is possible to send a specific message to one or more people without using words and letters, an image can sometimes communicate more than many words. You can also create your own photo puzzle with a photo depicting a place visited with a specific person and then donate it to the latter as a souvenir of the holiday. Or, instead of opting for the classic souvenir photo to be kept in the family photo album, you can create a nice photo puzzle to give to the birthday boy or girl.

Langhorne Council of Arts reveals a new Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are looking for unique gifts and wanting to shop local there is a solution for you. If you are puzzles about how you can do shopping safely read on.

Just in Time for holiday gifts, the Langhorne Council of Arts is offering a limited edition beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle with 18×24 inch dimensions. It features the images of historic Langhorne Borough buildings and rare photo of Borough Hall of 1919.

This high quality jigsaw puzzle offers a combinaton of easy and challenging sections. Making it ideal for family fun this winter season when the weather and the pandemic situation has shut everything down.

Mervine says that it includes an insert with a brief history of the buildings, with each puzzle, so you when you put the puzzle together you also learn a bit about the langhorne history at the same time.

And to make your gift making easier, the Council offers contactless shopping too. You can mail your cheque to CLA, and it will deliver the puzzles to your door in December. The puzzles will also be available for purchase at Judys Corner shop in Langhorne Borough if the supplies last.

The limited puzzle order process is fairly simple. You mail your cheque which is payable to
“Langhorne Council for the Arts” with address P Mervine, 960 Langhorne Road 19047 PA. You include a note with your full name, phone number and street adress of course or you can download the order from from

The Limited Edition Puzzles cost $25 each including the delivery. Proceeds from sales benefit the Langhorne Council for the Arts Student Scholarship Fund.

Jigsaw Puzzle Helped Participants during the pandemic

David Leschinsky stayed home and played with any puzzle he could get his hands on while his peers gravitated towards baseball and basketball fields while growing up.

To David, there are few thngs to do more relaxing than finishing a puzzle. He loved jigsaw puzzles so much that he left the technology industry 16 years ago to start Eurek Puzzles, a jigsaw store in Brookline, Massachusetts.

When the coronavirus began catching Americans’ attention back in March, Leschinsky wanted others to have access to his go-to leisure activity during a time when many people were stuck inside their homes. He gave away parts of a 40,320m piece puzzle to nearby people, and was hoping to join the components when the health crisis became less serious.

The jigsaw project was a way to build a small community and provide an fun and challenging activity for the residents of Massachusetts during the pandemic situation.

Malka Benjamin one of the projects participants said that Having that puzzle to work on, was the reason she got through the shutdown and made it possible mentally for her to pass it easier.

Near the beginning of 2019, Eureka! Puzzles bought the jigsaw from Ravensburger, a German puzzlemaker, to add to its collection of more than 5,000 items. Until March, the largest jigsaw Eureka! Puzzles owned sat on a top shelf in the small store.

Eureka Puzzles acquired the jigsaw from Ravensburger, a puzzlemaker from Germany. The acquisition happened in the beginning of year 2019.

When glimpsing at it a day back in March, David asked his employees about administering parts of $600 puzzle to his customers free of cost. They initially thought nobody would really be interested in this.

Astro’s Playroom All Collectibles Puzzle Pieces

Astro’s Playroom All Collectibles Puzzle Pieces

Many people asked where do you find Puzzle Pieces in CPU Plaza world of Astro’s Playroom. The initial are that you have to visit is the one that serves you as an interactive hub for the rest of the releases worlds. In total in the game there are are 4 puzzle pieces for you to collect. As part of our Astro’s Playroom tutorial we are going to unveil the location of all CPU plaza collectibles, in the order that you may discover them in the game.

CPU Plaza Puzzle Piece #1

On the left side of the COoling Springs, you must go up the ramp and pull the electrical cable that has been exposed. Climb the structure until the seesaw. On the left of the seesaw is the Puzzle Piece.

CPU Plaza Puzzle Piece #2

This one is located just after you cross the CPU Plaza by sliding the rope that you see. You must climb up until you reach the sliding blocks. The puzzle piece is on the left.

CPU Plaza Puzzle Piece #3

You must keep climbing the blocks that are sliding, until you reach the CPU plazza’s summit. You will see the Puzzle Piece right at the very top before you jumo off the ledge,

CPU Plaza Puzzle Piece #4

You need to go down the ramp which is situated close to the GPU jungle and in the left bottom corner of the room there are 3 exposed wires with electricity that you may tug. You must grab them to unveil the Puzzle Piece.