Battletoads Classic Game

Battletoads, a return to the 90s
It was 1991 when Rare Ltd. developed Battletoads on the NES. I was 5 years old and some cousins ​​with that console … I don’t think I’ve ever spent so many weekends with them in the period immediately after the release. Spatial graphics, jokes that I couldn’t even understand but that made me laugh, many types of gameplay: Battletoads had all the elements to keep me and my cousins ​​attached to the screen for a long time.

Fast forward: 2020. Will Battletoads have managed to give me the same emotions, projecting me into a phantasmagoric return to the 90s?

It certainly can’t be said that the fights aren’t hectic!
Gameplay and Technical Section – Team that wins does not change
Battletoads is the typical example of a product that has not given up in the face of passing time. You know, the scrolling beat ’em ups saw the peak of their notoriety right between the 80s and the 90s, so in itself, deciding to restore polish to a title in this category, represented a certainly courageous choice. . In fact, in the last period, Streets of Rage 4 also saw its launch and was received by critics rather with open arms. I therefore started with the best expectations, in dealing with what Dlala Studios has created.

If on the one hand, however, I appreciated the total restyling and, consequently, an art direction that focuses more on cartoon and 2D animation, on the other I cannot say that the Battletoads gameplay made me jump from the chair. . Unfortunately, from this point of view, Battletoads has not been able to give me the same emotions: the gameplay has remained with the same complexity as that of the 90s. The problem is that the 90s have passed for 20 years, during which huge leaps and bounds have been made in the technological evolution linked to the world of video games: it does not seem that these innovations have been particularly perceived and applied to the title in question, Alas.

Usually it is always said “Team that wins does not change”: at least change the players, however, because the older ones begin to no longer perform. Specifically, I am referring to infinite levels, all the same, where one must always and only do one thing; or to the fact that our three dear protagonists Rash, Pimple and Zitz have different characteristics only when it comes to slapping enemies: all lost opportunities to overwinter the title and finally bring it to today’s times.