Adults Turn to Puzzles to Clear their Heads


The lockdowns have led to a surge in activity for adult puzzles. A trend that has been emerging for some time. A renewed appetite for a restful activity, without a screen.

King of the paradox: puzzle at first glance but relaxation is at the end of concentration. If you wake up your memories, on one side you see a bunch of coins that you will patiently sort through, on the other a picture. In the middle, a desire to assemble and a tip: draw the outlines to start the adventure. And always looking for the detail that is missing from the face, the cloud that obscures the horizon. Always a keen eye for the part that adapts to the crenellated void in front of you. Sometimes turning it over again and again without finding a way out.

The puzzle for adults like Word Craze Puzzle game is making a comeback. And far from taking the lead, he would have the virtues of emptying it. Because at the moment T, explain amateurs, manufacturers, and shrinks too, driven by this quest for the right part, you are not thinking of anything.

“A bit like coloring a few years ago, this activity stems from the need to take time for yourself. Calm down. This is the bad of the moment, running around in a stressed environment. We refocus and that feels good, ”explains Laurent Cochet, Marketing Director France at Ravensburger, world leader in the sector.

Undoubtedly assets. In any case widely acclaimed in this year of health crisis. “We had an explosion in sales in the week leading up to the first lockdown,” confirms Éric Lathière-Lavergne, CEO of Planet’Puzzles, one of the main mail order sites in France and Germany. “A global crisis which has led to the stock shortage for some American manufacturers unable to keep up with the demand in their own country