5BY5 Strategy Puzzle Game

5BY5 or Five by Five is a new release from the game publisher Isotope24, which has been available on the app store as of late. Five by Five comes with a completely new gameplay mode that has not been seen before on other similar games on this niche. It features some logic games, the likes of Sudoku but with a twist. The player of this fame must slide the tiles(numbered) in up,down,right,left directions in order to match the colors of the tiles so as to get bonus points when same color tiles are 5 or more.

A mix between Puzzle and Strategy

The players of this game will challenge their brain with this interesting entwine of puzzle and strategy. Only using an element of this game, is challenging enough now imagine using one or more elements on this game, you know for sure that you will fire up your brain to the maximum and try to utilise as much brain puzzle as you possibly can. Your brain will work on many directions such as motor control, planning ahead, matching colors and math just to name a few. So get ready to give your brain some tremendous challenges.

Puzzle games have been proved to make you gain significant cognitive functions. A doctor researcher at University of Iowa said that playing puzzle games is helpful for slowing mental decay. Read the article ‘Want to slow Mental Decay – Play video games’ here.

PLayers will make their brains struggle sometimes with this game’s modes and also compete with their friends if they want to spice up the challenge.

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